Vaja Releases First Details About Galaxy S5 Cases

Vaja make some of the nicest leather cases for a variety of mobile devices, and they’ve just announced plans to release their Premium Leather Cases for the new Galaxy S5.  They are currently accepting email signups on their official site, and have listed four different varieties of Galaxy S5 leather cases which should be available soon.

Vaja sources their leather from very exclusive sources, and they do carry a premium price tag, but it’s not out of the ordinary for luxury cases such as these.  Among the four initial offerings listed on the official site are the Premium Leather Grip case, Ivo Top Premium Leather Case, Nuova Pelle Case with Magnetic Closure, and a Leather Back.

If you’ve never handled one of Vaja’s cases before, you’re missing out.  They use all sorts of exotic hides for their leather crafting and they will definitely last a very long time.

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