Verus Iron Shield

The Verus Iron Shield is one of the best-looking cases out for the Galaxy S5 right now, combining a splash of aluminum in the form of a machined bumper along the edges and a nicely patterned TPU skin.  These protect well and will definitely turn some heads out in public.  You can currently order one of these in five different aluminum colored options.  


If you’ve been holding out for an absolutely phenomenal-looking case, the wait may finally be over for you.  The Verus Iron Shield has arrived for the Galaxy S5, and with it comes one of the most unique designs currently out.  Rather than going all-metal and potentially harming your radio reception, Verus has added a tasteful splash of machined aluminum to a TPU gel case to create an excellent combination for both style and protection.

This is essentially a gel case that incorporates the metal bumper for enhanced rigidity and look.  The bumper comes off too, so you don’t even really have to use it some days if you don’t wish to.

Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5

Inside the TPU skin is a maze pattern, which does a great job of properly releasing heat emitting from your battery and internal components to prevent overheating and wear on your battery door.  The exterior of the TPU has a dot pattern which looks great and also assists in the gripping of the case.

There are precision cutouts for all of the Galaxy S5 features including the Fingerprint Scanner, camera hardware, rear speaker, and ports.  There are metal buttons that will now control your volume and power too, which is a nice touch.

Seeing is believing, and I simply cannot get over how good this case looks.  Go check these out pronto as they’re usually very expensive but currently on sale.

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Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5 Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5 Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5Verus Iron Shield for Galaxy S5

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