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The Scene Plus collection of TPU cases from X-Doria are currently available to order in two different styles, one of which includes a Black Diamond 3D printed pattern on the rear, and other other Black Stripes.  These cases combine a shell that’s a mix between polycarbonate and flexible to TPU to create a versatile, protective, and stylish case.  You can currently order these now.  


X-Doria is a relatively new player in the mobile case scene, and their Galaxy S5 cases seem poised to make a splash.  They’re not designed like other similar cases in their range, as the company has commissioned a unique, multi-layer 3D printing process that actually puts the designs on the rear of the case.  They’re currently available with two different patterns: Black Diamonds and Black Stripes, which we’ve pictured at the bottom.

The rear of the case is a strong polycarbonate which is transparent, so you can actually still see the back of your Galaxy S5 with the 3D printed design overlaid on top of it.  This piece is fused into the rubber bumper area of the case, which encapsulates the entire edge of the device.  X-Doria has designed buttons into the TPU gel as opposed to openings, so they should be a little bit easier to press and will keep random crud and gunk from getting trapped inside.

These cases are specifically designed for the Galaxy S5, and as such, all of the proper cutouts are in place.  They’ve also made sure to add extra clearance around the rear camera to ensure that pictures don’t become washed out when flash is enabled, which happens on some other cases that cut the opening too close.  There’s also plenty of room at the bottom for the new USB 3.0 charging port.

The front of this case leaves the face of your Galaxy S5 wide open, but this is to be expected.  The front lip does protrude out ever slightly, however, enabling you to set your Galaxy S5 face down on a flat surface and not have it make direct contact between the screen and where you set it, which could potentially scratch or dirty up your 5.1″ 1080p screen.

The only real downside with these cases is the price.  We just can’t justify that amount for what the case is, no matter how good it looks.  If you’re absolutely in love with the look though, you won’t find any similar cases since it’s a unique design from X-Doria!

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X-Doria Galaxy S5 TPU Cases (Black Stripes) X-Doria Galaxy S5 TPU Cases (Black Diamonds)

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  1. Bingz

    I just got my X-doria scene plus case in black stripes for galaxy S5. My phone is white and after putting on the case, it looks just like the picture. It has a hard back and the surrounding edge is rubber (soft).
    p.s: if you are sopping in Canada, check out source or T-booth instead of ordering online, you can buy the case without paying for shipping or duty and its the same price as the x-doria website.

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