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ZAGG has made a name for itself with its immensely popular InvisibleShield line, and they’re not bringing their expertise to a more rugged case solution with their Arsenal.  This is a very rugged case consisting of a polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin combined with their most protective InvisibleShield, the Extreme.  You can currently get one of these cases for yourself from ZAGG’s official site here.


The Arsenal is built a lot like most of the heavy duty rugged cases out today with one slight difference: instead of including a built-in screen protector that is attached to the polycarbonate shell, the company included the InvisibleShield Extreme, which is actually a lot more rugged and protective than the competition.  It just adheres directly to your screen in a similar fashion to InvisibleShields of past, but it’s a lot more thick and not as stretchy.

The Arsenal is built with a two-piece polycarbonate shell that snaps together over a silicone skin.  The silicone isn’t as thick as other heavy duty case, which makes this case slightly smaller but at the cost of far less shock absorption capabilities.  On each model, the silicone portion and front polycarbonate is grey, and the rear polycarbonate shell makes up the colored portion of the case.

Because of the thin silicone skin, the buttons are exceptionally easy to press and there’s little to no break-in period whatsoever.    Even though this should theoretically be a thinner case, we feel there’s a lot of excess real estate as part of the polycarbonate portion, with the bezel around the screen being a little too protruding and wide.  You still get complete access to the Fingerprint Scanner, and Heart Rate Monitor on the rear as well.

While there’s no belt clip included with the Arsenal, it’s a great consolation prize to have the InvisibleShield Extreme included, which is a $30 value by itself.

While we’d definitely place cases from OtterBox and others ahead of the ZAGG Arsenal, the InvisibleShield Extreme makes this a worthy purchase if you were planning on getting one of those protectors.  That being the case, you could look at the Arsenal as a $20 purchase, but that’s the only way we’d say this option makes sense, which makes it a great deal.

Get an Arsenal on ZAGG’s Website!


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