ZeroLemon Razor Armor

We knew they were coming, and they’re here.  ZeroLemon‘s Razor Armor cases are the company’s foray into the rugged case market for the Galaxy S5, combining a very rigid TPU skin and polycarbonate shell to create a colorful range of protective cases at a very decent price.  You can currently order one in a variety of colors including Navy, Gray, Blue, Champagne Gold, Red, Black, White, and Yellow.  


Slim hybrid cases have become some of the most popular cases lately, and ZeroLemon has introduced the Razor Armor series to heed the call.  The Razor Armor follows the basic blueprint for most hybrid cases, with a silicone skin held firmly against your Galaxy S5 by a colored polycarbonate shell.  With the Razor Armor, ZeroLemon has taken a few cues from the competition, namely the cushioned corners and the patterned interior of the TPU inner skin.

The imprints inside the case help dissipate heat, first and foremost, and to a lesser degree help dissipate shock a little better than a smooth surface.  ZeroLemon has recognized the potential hazard points of the Galaxy S5 which is the corners, and have designed the case accordingly, installing reinforced corners into the TPU skin with what they call their Zeroshock Double Corner Technology.

ZeroLemon Razor Armor Galaxy S5 Cases

The company has also designed the buttons along the side of the case to be much larger than usual, which actually makes them much easier to press.  The TPU is so rigid though, that you shouldn’t accidentally press any buttons so it’s not going to cause any accidental presses while in your pocket or hand.

There is ample clearance for the rear camera hardware as well as the rear speaker too, so your photos won’t come out washed out if you have the flash enabled and the sound will not be muffled when listening to Spotify or watching movies or videos.  There’s also a huge cutout to accommodate the USB 3.0 charging port.  The front lip at the bottom has no groove, so it may be a little difficult for those with large thumbs and fingers to swipe down on the Fingerprint Scanner when unlocking your device.

ZeroLemon Razor Armor Galaxy S5 Cases

Removing and installing the case is pretty straight forward, as you just place the skin on first and then place the shell on over it, and reverse the process to remove it.  The TPU is a high quality, so you won’t have to worry about eventually stretching it out.

Overall, this is a very high quality case that is priced much lower than equivalent cases.  It’s always good to see a company shaking up things with new introductions, so prices may be dropping slightly across the board because of ZeroLemon’s entry with their Razor Armor.  This is one great case, and is priced exactly right.

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